Michael Anthony Putignano began his music adventure with the creation of power metal band Commadment on December 21, 1985. The band garnered some success after the addition of vocalist David Nava on September 18, 1987.

After the release of "Engraved in Stone" in January of 1988, the band was courted by a few record labels, but could not secure a deal. Meanwhile, "Engraved In Stone" was rising to cult status in Europe, where the band saw sales of the product rising substancially. The band signed to Amethyst Records in September of 1988, and went back into the studio in early 1989 to record the follow up which was to become "No Mercy". Setbacks and problems with Amethyst pushed back the release date to September of 1989.

Michel Anthony Putignano

Unfortunately, in October of that year Commandment broke up and the record was never finished. In early 1990, Michael and David formed commercial metal band Tokyo Dawn and released the self titled debut in June of 1990. Laden with soaring vocals, layers of harmonies, and in your face guitars, the release again garnered some airplay on independent radio as well as reviews and articles in magazines such as Metal Mania, Metal Forces as well as the hugely read Burrn! magazine in Japan, along with apearances in many metal fanzines across America and overseas. This lead to a trip to Japan for Michael, combining business with pleasure in late 1990 early 1991 to firmup a few interviews and promotion.

Michael Anthony Putignano

The second release, "Distant Skies" was available in June of 1991. Again receiving good reviews from magazines, the band had interest from labels MCA and Island. Once again, unable to attain a deal, Michael decided it was time to put together a "real" band and in late summer of 1991 the beginnings of hard rock band Money Gunn. David once again was involved, this time playing guitar. Vocalist Danny Lynch from 80's Chicago rockers Lynch Mob was in, and the two formed a great songwriting partnership. The band released Down and Dirty, a collection of raw, hard edged rock in January of 1993. Again, the band disbanded in June of that year, Michael going back to the two man band format with David.

Throughout the next couple of years songs were written and many demos were produced. Michael also began writing many acoustic songs, and by 1998 had accumulated 30 or 40 songs ready to go. But on September 27,1999 the cruelest blow was dealt as Michael received word that David Nava had passed away. The rug ripped out from under him, Michael decided it was time to regroup and mourn the passing of his friend and fellow musician. A partnership that had lasted 12 years.

Finally in early 2003, it was time to dust off and start again. Writing feverishly, Michael wrote songs for the new project he hoped to have up and running by the fall. Unable to find musicians who he could work with, or who had any motivation, Michael set out on his own and in early 2005 released the Edens Lie CD. A collection of songs bordering on the thrash metal side of the fence. Unfortunately,there was already a band with the same name. Undeterred, early 2006 saw the birth of Throne Of Serpents. Once again, Michael had hoped to include other players, but like the first time no one fit the bill, so he set out on his own again. The summer of 2007 saw the release of the monster 16 song, 72 minute undertaking Baptized In Blood CD. Combining the Edens Lie tracks with the new tracks made this something of an accomplishment as Michael played all the instruments himself and also added vocals. Reunited with Commandment guitarist John Remesnik,who added all the shredding solos, the CD received a few positive reviews. The CD is available through CD Universe and CD Baby. Downloads are also available through CD Baby.

Commandment was resurrected in early 2008 and saw Michael head out to Arizona to record drum tracks for the upcoming new CD. The CD is finished, just awaiting the right vocalist, as replacing David Nava was harder than they had expected. 2009 and early 2010 saw the release of the old Commandment records, "Engraved In Stone" on Arkeyn Steel Records, Greece, and "No Mercy" on Pure Steel Records, Germany. Amazingly, Commandment still had a cult following overseas after 20 years.

Currently Michael is promoting his acoustic CD "I Need Acoustic", as well as the follow up EP "Prelude". Collaborating with genious lyric writer John Mauer, the two came up with 2 songs appearing on the EP. The new rock/acoustic CD is scheduled for release in April. John Remesnik adding solos on 7 of the songs. Once again on all these CD's, Michael is doing everything himself. Although he was joined by former Money Gunn and current Lynch vocalist Danny Lynch on I Need Acoustic who sang on 3 songs as well as writing 2 of the songs along with Michael. Once the new CD is out, May finds Michael starting the demo process for the new Throne Of Serpents CD. 12 songs of pure power metal as Michael will clean up his vocal style and stray away from the thrash metal style of vocals, without watering down the music. Again, he has a commitment from John to add the shredding solos.

It will certainly be a busy year, but as Michael puts it... this is not a hobby, it's my passion.

Michael Anthony Putignano

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